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What makes the J'ai Soif Carafe so special?

There’s something special about the J’ai Soif Carafe

The now cult carafe and gobelet set, aptly titled ‘J’ai Soif’ (meaning ‘I’m Thirsty’ in French!) was the first piece designed and created for the Maison Balzac glass tabletop range.

The carafe acts as a true representation of Creative Director Elise Pioch’s vision to cross pollinate the aesthetic and design ideals of her two home countries: France and Australia. While inspired by the traditional drink ware sets often displayed on bedside tables in France, the J’ai Soif set elevates a vintage shape and places it squarely in a contemporary context through clean, sophisticated design lines and a vibrant colour palette. 

The deep body and slender neck of each carafe makes it the perfect vessel to allow your favourite drinks to aerate and breathe. After much careful testing, we have found that all manner of liquid, whether wine, water, juice or your favourite fizzy concoction, all take on a superior flavour when left to mull and gently poured into the matching glass cup.
What makes borosilicate glass so special is all tied up in how it’s made. 
What sets this cult product apart is the intricate manufacturing processes behind borosilicate glass. A highly specialised craft, the journey begins with spades of humble beach sand. This sand, after rigorous cleaning, is mixed with nuggets of recycled glass before undergoing heat treatments associated with traditional glassware manufacturing.A special property of borosilicate glass is its ability to resist both hot and cold temperatures, making it the perfect solution to kitchenware and tabletop pieces designed for hot services.  

Once piping hot and thoroughly liquified, the raw materials are handed over to the master glass blower, who carefully shapes each piece using a combination of moulds, gently blown air and, in some instances, careful flourishes and finishing touches by hand. It is this handblown quality that can sometimes lead to slight variances in the shape, size and colour of our glassware. We are proud of these variances, as they lend us their unique features that are part of the inherent charm of handmade pieces though never deter from the overall aesthetic or functionality of the object.

We invite you to explore our range of traditional carafe and tumbler sets available in a variety of bold transparent colours and dreamy opaque hues.
Did you know? The gobelet that comes with each carafe perfectly matches the size of our medium gobelet sets! We encourage you to mix and match colours to your hearts content, leaving ample glasses left for those sharing your celebratory or everyday tabletop spreads.