Here we have Les Mains. Constructed of crisp porcelain, this set of two dinner plates is decorated with an elegant pair of hands to help you finish your meal.


Colour: White/Black
Also available in White/Beige.

Made from 100% Porcelain.

25.4cm diameter

Perfect for daily use, smooth and luminous porcelain is baked at high temperatures to create the durable and chip-resistant plates you hold in your hands. To maintain the beauty of the glaze and avoid scratches, do not use ceramic cutlery on the surface. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Les Mains means 'hands' in French. These hands are a recurring motif throughout our collections inspired by Elsa Schiapareli's avant-garde pieces featuring exaggerated body parts.


Join us at our table amongst the life of our garden, where you'll always have an interesting guest to join you.

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