Building on the credo of “confrontation-born progress”, the collections Big-Game have created explore unexpected themes, mixing the world of uninhibited manner.

The Bold furniture collection reflects the realism and attention that Big-Game bring to industrial processes.


The EXTRA BOLD armchair from Big-Game is as radical as it is comfortable.

Taking up the constructive principles of the Bold range, it combines two generously inflated tubes and, contrary to what it suggests, offers surprising comfort.

Like the chair, the stool and the bench before it, the EXTRA BOLD armchair alternates taut, soft curves that act successively as seat, back and armrest.



Originally imagined for the new high-speed trains in France, the TGV lamp was designed by Ionna Vautrin at the SNCF’s request.

As a highlight on the traveller’s trip, this light combines contoured lines with geometric rationality. The comfortable light and simplicity of the TGV lamp design make it a complicit object that invites the traveller to settle in.


Designed by Constance Guisset for Moustache, the Canova centrepiece invites a trompe l'oeil effect into your home.

An homage to sculpture, Constance Guisset’s small Canova dish was originally modelled by hand using solid ceramic to give the visual illusion of malleability. Brought to life with movement and undulations, Canova both intrigues and surprises. Use this dish to store a range of household items including fruit, nuts and trinkets, or display as a decorative objet to enliven your interior.