We dreamt of a rug so our friends Doing Goods made it happen! Please welcome the "tapis papillon" (butterfly rug in French),exclusively designed to complete our 2024 garden collection. Let this night butterfly land gently in your home to add warmth and quirk to any room.

Oh non! There are no more available! Pop in your email to be notified when more stock arrives.

It all starts with drawing the butterfly design onto the fabric then the colours are picked and the tufting can start, colour by colour.

When the tufting is done, the craftspeople start with attaching the cotton backing. After this, all sides are finished with woollen threads by hand.

The butterflies get their last shave and cut and are ready to travel the globe!

The GoodWeave certification provides assurance of ethical sourcing. By choosing this GoodWeave product, you are supporting the uplifting of lives and contributing to ethical sourcing practices.


Join us at our table amongst the life of our garden, where you'll always have an interesting guest to join you.

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