Bring a surreal touch to the table with our Tête-à-tête tablecloth, and meet four new faces always welcome for dinner! The delicately embroidered edges drape beautifully over a round dining table.


Colour: Ivory/Yellow

Weight: 495g

Made in Vietnam
100% European Linen
100% OKEO-TEX certified and produced with green energy certified methods.

Size: 139 x 139cm

Linen is a natural, durable material that can last for many years if properly cared for. To maintain the beauty of this appliquéd treasure, we recommend the following care:

Gentle machine wash separately or with similar fabrics, in cold water.
Do not mix with towels or items likely to leave lint.
Reshape while damp and line dry where possible, or tumble dry on low setting.
For best results, press with a steam iron on low setting, on the reverse side while tablecloth is still damp.
Launder stains immediately. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or harsh detergents. do not wring. Do not dry clean.


Woven from sustainably farmed European-flax linen and stonewashed to a buttery softness, our tablecloths are decorated with fine satin stitch embroidery, for a luxurious touch to the table.


Join us at our table amongst the life of our garden, where you'll always have an interesting guest to join you.

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